Digital Health Platform

This platform is related to the medical healthcare and psychoeducation industry. Which is an award-winning and ISO-27001 certified. As expected, it will be DIGA certified soon.

Case Studies

The Challenge

This project was challenging due to the fast product launch, complex nature, lack of trust in us (being an offshore team).

When we started, a major priority was to find a way of organizing cross-platform Mobile and Web solutions and integrate patient-doctor interactions and data exchange.

Handling articulate modules (which are complex interactive HTML5 and JS components: tooltip), and getting the underlying information from the LRS were also challenging.

Here is how we Break it down

  • To make this project more dynamic and easy to access, We implement user-friendly features. We offered functionality to make the features accessible.
  • We created a solid admin panel, using which admins can manage posts, patients, doctors, plans, and complex rules along with numerous other features.
  • We dealt in "articulate modules", which are complex HTML5 / JS components that communicate to LRS (Learning Record Systems) automatically. And they store user events and actions in the LRS system.
Health Care

Here is what we've


We achieved Credibility, Accessibility, Reliability, and Delivery within the deadline. The project was delivered successfully in Laravel (APIs), VueJS, React, WordPress (Landing Pages and marketing), MySql, React Native and Flutter (Mobile Apps IOS and Android).

The data protection was also achieved as the product was supposed to be launched inside the EU thus it was required to be GDPR compliant.

To achieve workable mobile applications and make it possible that Articulate Modules (which are complex interactive HTML5 and JS components: tooltip) also play in them. We mixed hybrid and non-hybrid mobile app techniques and made the functionalities possible. Finally we successfully published them on the Play (Android) and Apple (IOS) stores.

Google Rating

4.9 Star

Web Accessibility


Website Monthly View

2000 +

Website Speed

90 +